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I've possessed the domain for years, but for information about the main site, you'll have to visit it. In early 2008, my interest in the Sims 2 was renewed. AFter trying to rediscover the custom content I had in the game and my downloads folder, I decided that I needed some way in which to keep track of the mods I liked. I also wanted to share this information with my friends I had also gotten into the game. The Sims Emporium was born shortly thereafter.

So the first part of the site to exist was The Mod Gallery, which is basically a catalog of the mods I've downloaded over the years that I still had and could re-identify. Then I made the link repository, which contains links to various mod and modding sites I've come across so that visitors could take a look at what's available for themselves.

Later on, I decided to share some of the mods I've made, and pictures of some of the characters and happenings in my game.

Basically, that's what's on the site so far and why it's there. I hope you enjoy it and find at least some of it useful.