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Name: Home Decorators Rug Collections
Category: Buy Mode --> Decorations --> Floor

I decided that rugs were something else I could manage to make with my limited talent after seeing several nice pictures of rugs in a Home Decorators catalog.

I'm in the process of making several sets of collections.

The rugs are recolors of the Organically Atomic Rug from the Pets expansion, so Pets is probably required.

Each .package is clearly labelled by the rug's collection, name and color if the distinction is necessary, so you can just pick and choose if you want.

Additional credits: Home Decorators for the rug pictures, SimPE
Art Silk Collection
Generations Collection
Montaigne Collection
New Wave Collection

Art Silk at The Sims Emporium (.package)

Generations at The Sims Emporium (.package)

Montaigne at The Sims Emporium (.package)

New Wave at The Sims Emporium (.package)


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