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Name: Jeanette Biedermann Outfit Conversion
Category: Body shop --> Clothing --> Adult Female --> Everyday

I had seen a couple of screenshots on various sites featuring this outfit that showed the top and a bit of the belt buckle. I fell in love with it, but was unable to find it. Finally, on a whim, I asked the owner of another screenshot I found if he knew of it. As it turns out, the outfit was included on a sim that used to be featured on the official German Sims site, Jeanette Biedermann. I found the package on the Sims Graveyard, and immediately downloaded it.

I must say I was disappointed with the outfit as a whole, but still loved the textures. So what did I do? Of course, I made it into something I liked!

This is a conversion of the outfit to a more modern, updated look. It has been separated into an untuckable (long texture) top and a pair of low-rise jeans that still features the skull belt.

The top uses the mesh from HystericalParoxysm's "Fanseefem Casuals - Untuckable Shirts + Slouchy Jeans... for the Laydeez" project. The bottom uses a pair of jeans from Tuulia's jeans. I retuxtured the pair so that the belt appeared to be part of them.


Additional credits: HystericalParoxysm, fanseelamb, Tuulia, Elau

The Sims Emporium (.package)


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