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Name: Skirt Set
Category: Body Shop --> Clothing --> Adult Female --> Everyday

Well, I started messing around with skirts tonight in photoshop. Apparently I just couldn't stop.

So, here we have a set of 21 silk skirts of varying colors. They are found under everyday, obviously.

The mesh used is from ~2-f0r-u~ and can be found on page 14 of the adult female meshes. However, the mesh is also included in the download for convenience.

Additional credits: Chriko at ~2-f0r-u~, hrekkjavaka astarkort

The download contains a wide variety of colors

Each skirt has a shadowed or faded inner texture for better-looking awkward poses

How a skirt looks with an "untuckable" top

How a skirt looks with a regular-length top. The skin bares normally so you don't have to worry about that weird ridge some meshes give


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