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So who's the girl behind the face plastered multiple places in my site?

Her name is Kaye Mayhew. Her birthday is October 28, making her a scorpio. How old she is depends on the way in which you ask. Her age is somewhere around twenty, but the thing is, she's been that age for awhile. That's right, she's a vampire. The way in which I play that out in the sims differs. I normally don't make her a real vampire, I just give her fangs because she's a daywalker (whether that means she is actually a dhampir or a vampire like the cullens).

She's an only child, and doesn't have many memories of her family. She knows her father was named Richard and that He was a writer in London, where she grew up. She remembers him as an unassuming but handsome man with wavy, sort-of-long black hair and a bit of facial hair. Her mother died before she was old enough to remember much about her. Her father always told Kaye that she was a beautiful, strong woman. During her mortal life, she thought that her mother had died in an accident, but found out later that she was likely murdered by a creature like what she had become.

Kaye was still living in London when she was turned. The man who did it left her alone shortly thereafter, leaving her with a multitude of unanswered questions and unable to return to anything she'd known before. The pain of betrayal she felt after that left her unable to trust men as a general rule. As such, she is reluctant to fall in love, and is normally on the game-playing side of her relationships. If she could find someone who was worth her trust, though, chances are that would change.

After being forsaken to deal with her new life on her own, she left London, fearing she would hurt the people she cared about. She's lived in various countries since then, on her quest to be at peace with what she's become.


The way I normally play her (may differ by a bar or so, but make sure she stays a scorpio):

sloppy/neat | | | | | |
shy/outgoing | | | | |
lazy/active | | | | | | |
serious/playful | | | |
grouchy/nice | | |
turnons muscles, vampirism, lycantropy (pick two)
turnoffs plantsimism
aspiration varies (I did romance/pleasure most recently)

What little girls are made of...

  a custom creation of mine. i spent a lot of time on it, using two reference skins and two tattoo references to compile it
  my own mesh edit of a donation hair from rosesims2
  by barcelonista
  by yumedust
  by anva
  a recolor done by me
  by bruno
  by hystericalparoxysm
other facial makeup
  freckles by alkaloid, kamikitten, migamoo
face tattoo by vxen
fangs by generalzoi
elf ears by louis/ren
  by seasonpink
  by vxen
everyday clothing
  edited by me, can be found in my mods
  by kamikitten
  by byexlove
  by styphn_synthetic
bathing suit
  by stoked4sims
  by Yolu
  by silentkate

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