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Mods in this section replace default skin, eyes, makeup, etc... To beautify *ALL* your sims, even townies!

Note that you can only have one replacer of each thing running at once. I.e., you cannot have two human skin replacers at once, but you can have one human skin replacer and one for each of alien, vampire, etc...

Make sure you keep these in a separate section in your mods folder so you can get rid of them easily if you choose.


Skin Replacers


Face Template Replacers


Replaces the CAS/bodyshop face templates with prettier versions. More of this type of mod linked in the thread. Look around and see what you like best!  

Makeup and Facial Hair Replacers


Replaces eyeshadows and lipsticks with versions by bruno  
Replaces default thin/thick Eyelash eyeliners with Anva's Lashes for All Races  

Eyebrows by rensim made default